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Safety & Quality

At Nexcon we take our responsibility and safety to all our employees, contractors, clients, visitors & members to our highest priority. It is our aim to continuously improve and state our safety message, we tend to consistently implement our Safety, Quality management systems to all our employees and contractors in accordance to enhance our business to a zero harm and injury workplace. We want all our workers to go home safely every day, to that we condone safety 

audits and inspections to all our systems and our workers are always of the safety precautions when performing their duties and responsibilities.

We provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, we discuss and collaborate with our clients to develop effective plans, provide high quality series and make informed decisions which will endeavor to result in the best possible outcome. We have the resources with our specialized team of individuals and contractors who work will deliver outstanding expertise and customer service. 



  • Custom Home
  • Renovation & Extension 
  • Development Planning
  • Structural Engineering
  • Project Management